FREE API Screening (Aches, Pains, Injury)

A persistent Ache, can limit mobility, and prevent the enjoyment of a healthy lifestyle. Chronic or reoccurring Pain, can be an alert to more serious underlying problems. Whether active or less active, Injury left unattended, can compound, keeping you from living your life, the way you want.

What is an API Screen?

• FREE 15 minute screening, by appointment with one of our Licensed Physical Therapists to evaluate your Aches, Pains, and/or Injury.

• You will experience our professional approach, helping to guide your care and recovery

• Greenfield Physical Therapy will help to determine and facilitate a MD visit if needed

• Our local Front Desk Staff will assist you to verify your insurance benefits if therapy is needed

Who can benefit?

• Anyone who suffers from Aches, Pains, or Injury

• Weekend warriors, Athletes, Elderly, Workforce, Every day people

• Greenfield Physical Therapy gets YOU, off the sidelines, and back in the game!

Why API?

• Early intervention can prevent chronic or more serious problems

• Pain is often only a symptom. Our physical therapists will identify the problem

• Left unattended, simple Aches and Pains, can result in serious Injury

• API Screening can eliminate stress and give you the peace of mind that you are in the best care possible at Greenfield Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine.

• Development of the hometown relationship you can trust

• API is 15 minutes that can change your life!