I truly feel there is a difference between pain and injury. Sometimes there is more pain with physical therapy, but I feel it’s only for the best. Everyone at Greenfield’s Physical Therapy is well trained in each of their own entities. They have done so much for me and I highly recommend them for everyone else!

William S.

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I chose Greenfield Physical Therapy Clinic because a friend had a good experience there.  I was struck immediately by the great balance of friendliness and professionalism.  From the greeting at the front desk to the posters on the walls, everything projects welcome and safety. They gave me lots of exercises to do at home and adapted everything to fit me specifically.  The therapists shared their knowledge in a way that made it easy to understand.  I worked with three different therapists while I was there and all were great.  I not only moved forward in my recovery, but learned exercises and concepts that I continue to use 10 months after my last visit.  I would definitely recommend Greenfield PT. 


Greenfield physical therapy has been a life changer for me. Recently I was experiencing significant pain and weakness in my arms and legs. After working with Amy and Mike I was better able to understand what to do and what not to do, to improve my condition. They instructed me on a set of exercises which I can now do on my own. With Amy and Mike’s help I am feeling the best I have in years!

Kirk H.

I was referred to Greenfield Physical Therapy due to its excellent reputation for delivering high quality therapy services. I had major knee surgery and found the therapy provided to be of the highest quality.  The therapists were friendly, very helpful and professional. After a few weeks of therapy, my knee function was fully restored and there has been no problem since completing therapy.  In addition, the therapy equipment that was available was clean, well maintained and high quality. I would definitely recommend Greenfield to anyone seeking high quality therapy services.  

Randy King

I came to Greenfield therapy in order to possibly avoid surgery on a torn meniscus. As the MRI showed a small tear, I decided to opt for physical therapy rather than surgery. I worked with Matt and Mike for about eight -12 weeks, and during that time strengthened the muscles surrounding the knee. Now six months later, I am back to walking a couple miles a day without pain.

I am especially grateful for the attentiveness and kindness of all of the staff at Greenfield Physical Therapy. It was easy to access in our own community without a lengthy drive. I found all the staff very professional, kind, and friendly. I am extremely pleased with the results! 

Holly Schuck

Aging all the way to 81.5 ain’t for the faint of heart, but with the help of the Folks at Greenfield PT it sure  is a much safer and pleasant journey. 2 hips, lower back, stability and balance issues have all been dealt with in the most professional manner, by staff who all are well trained, attentive, caring, sensitive and have a good sense of humor. Even a  Pandemic did not stop the staff from showing all their professional skills and techniques in a productfull and client centered focus.

Having spent most of my growing, working and playing time within 20 miles of the various Viking Stadiums, I never imagined singing the praises of an office displaying such a plethora of Packer trivia, but here I am doing it!

Greenfield Physical Therapy is Great.

Go Vikings, John LeMay