Workplace INterventions

Functional Capacity Evaluation

The Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a comprehensive series of performance-based tests that help objectively measure an injured person’s physical abilities related to work or daily living. Measurements of function from an FCE are used to make return-to-work (activity) decisions, level of disability determinations or to design rehabilitation plans.


Those seeking to measure overall disability after work related or non-work related injury

· Workman’s Compensation Cases

· Someone injured in a catastrophic accident

· Work related injuries determining his or her ability to return to the job or alternate work

· Those applying for Social Security Disability benefits

· Someone seeking to return to work or volunteer activities after an injury or illness.

· Those searching for work placement

Why perform an FCE?

· Objectively measures physical abilities and frequency of performance per U.S Department of Labor

· Determine presence and degree of disability

· Research based process that is defensible in court

Testing Parameters

· Evaluation of physical strength through specific activities including: pushing, pulling, lifting, and carrying

· Tolerance of: motion, flexibility, posture, stamina, gait and sensation,

· Cardiovascular/endurance, work tolerance and functional mobility testing

· Observation of body mechanics, traits and behaviors

· Pain Ratings

· List of limiting factors

Software Benefits

· Computer Generated results

· Easy to read results complete with charts and graphs features

· Multiple testing formats based on need

· Built in cognitive testing for reliability of pain and validity/consistency of effort (if tests are warranted)

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